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UniversityTutor.com was founded in 2004 by Brian Armstrong while he was attending Rice University and studying computer science. The vision and objective of UniversityTutor.com is to become the world’s largest tutoring directory for contacting tutors and companies for free. More than 129,000 tutors are listed on our directory across over 10,000 cities and 125 countries. We are an open directory that does not opine on the tutors on the platform and so we ask that you use your best judgement when you contact tutors and do your own assessment or background checks as needed. We do not provide phone support and so please direct all questions to our email. Both independent and company-provided tutors are listed on the site and you are welcome to contact both. We ask that all users of UniversityTutor.com treat each other with mutual respect and abide by the terms of use listed on our website. Thank you for visiting UniversityTutor.com.

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