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Markera Elysia Y.
Elysia Y.
- I am a very patient and friendly person, and I love seeing people succeed. - I ha...
Markerb Beniam T.
Beniam T.
Tutored two students (grade 7 and grade 9) while I was in high school. Fluent in Fre...
Markerc Mira P.
Mira P.
I really enjoy getting to know someone's particular learning style. In doing so, I am a...
Markerd Josh B.
  • Currently 5.0/5 Stars.
Josh B.
-OCT certified teacher with qualifications in Mathematics and Physics (grades 7-12) [ht...
Markere Michael W.
Michael W.
Eleven yrs. teaching at York University P/T in Criminology, Law, Social Sciences, Socia...
Markerf Andrew L.
  • Currently -2.0/5 Stars.
Andrew L.
I can explain both math and physics related concepts understandably and I actually real...
Markerg Liliane F.
Liliane F.
I have been tutoring for 4 years all the way through university up until now. I will he...
Markerh Sarah a.
Sarah a.
Tutoring: University of Toronto, UWO, York University, Humber, Ryerson Teaching Assist...
Markeri Alex C.
Alex C.
Tutored accounting, mathematics, economics to students. Worked at public accounting fi...
Markerj Kayla A.
Kayla A.
- previous tutoring experience (elementary, high school, and university) - GRE verbal ...