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Markera Spencer R.
Spencer R.
I just got done tutoring fiction writing at Columbia College Chicago under the Story Wo...
Markerb Alaina M.
Alaina M.
I would like to be a tutor because I love working with students and helping them to be ...
Markerc Kate G.
Kate G.
I have a younger brother and sister who are high school and middle school age and I hel...
Markerd Maria B.
Maria B.
Throughout highschool, I worked as a volunteer tutor for youth of elementary, middle an...
Markere Lauren R.
Lauren R.
I have work with children for the past 15 years I have primarily worked with children,...
Markerf Jocelyn M.
Jocelyn M.
I've taken a variety of courses in high school and college that add on to my knowledge ...
Markerg Casey N.
Casey N.
Vocation Bridge Academy Tutor Coordinator with AmeriCorps at Association House of Chica...
Markerh Patti S.
  • Currently 5.0/5 Stars.
Patti S.
SAT of 2160 (Spring 2010) AP score 5/5 on English Language & English Literature AP sc...
Markeri Eric S.
Eric S.
Minimal experience, pursuing an MAT to become a Special Education Teacher. I've been a...
Markerj Hannah W.
  • Currently -2.0/5 Stars.
Hannah W.
Hi! I am passionate about learning and I think studying should be both productive and f...